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Why do we certify backflow devices- Backflow is when water flows in the opposite direction than it is intended to. Water can reverse flow when a fire hydrant is opened, a water main breaks, a pump or well is turned off, if there is a lot of water usage at the same time, etc. If water in a lawn sprinkler system reverses flow, dirt, fertilizer, and other contaminants can be drawn into your drinking water. A backflow device prevents this from happening. The federal government has mandated the protection of the Nation’s drinking water. The Illinois EPA and the Illinois Department of Public Health require as of 1991 any lawn sprinkler system connected to a potable water source must have a RPZ backflow device and the device must be certified annually.


A backflow device that is indoors can be certified year round. We encourage customers to have their indoor devices certified between January 1st and March 15th. We offer discounts during that time and it is the least expensive time of the year to have an indoor backflow device tested. The appointment normally takes less than 30 minutes.


To certify a backflow device that is outside the system MUST be turned on and operational. The customer does not need to be home. We offer pay in advance discounts and quantity discounts.