About Goodenough Inc.

Goodenough, Inc. is a Backflow testing and a sprinkler irrigation design and audit firm. We design sprinkler systems that prioritize water efficiency and conservation. Dean Goodenough has 30+ years in the irrigation industry. Goodenough, Inc. was an irrigation contractor for 20+ years, this experience leads to designs that are easier to install and therefore less expensive. Dean is a licensed plumber and CCCDI with these qualifications Dean can legally design a system in Illinois from start to finish.

A new sprinkler irrigation system can be audited to prove efficiency of a system to gain conservation points, or a new system can be audited to prove the quality of the system. An existing system can be audited to determine inefficiencies or where updating is required. An audit of a sprinkler system will also provide a schedule. The schedule provides run times and estimated annual costs.

If you would like pricing on the design or audit of a lawn sprinkler irrigation system please call at anytime.

Thank you,
Dean Goodenough
Licensed Plumber