What is Backflow?

Backflow is when water flows in the opposite of the intended direction. Water is pushed through pipes to your house because of the height of the water tower or your well pump. If a water main breaks, the well pump turns off, a fire hydrant is opened, or your irrigation system is being blown out or even if your neighbors are using a lot of water the water pressure in your house could be higher than the pressure in the main. If the water pressure in your house is higher than the pressure in the water main then the water will flow in the wrong direction. A lack of pressure in the main will draw the water out of your house. Water in a lawn sprinkler can be contaminated by dirt, fertilizer, insecticide, animal waste etc. These contaminates can enter the irrigation pipes through the heads. Water in a fire sprinkler system can have chemicals in it or just because the water sits in the pipes for long periods of time it can become unhealthy. If the water main or aquifer (if you are on a well) gets contaminated not only is your water unhealthy but your neighbor’s water would also be contaminated.

The danger of dirty water has been known for centuries, the Roman aqueducts used pools of water at different levels with the highest level for drinking and the lower levels for bathing or animal water. Our backflow preventer and ceritification systems offer safe and reliable water solutions.

Making Every Drop of Water Count

It has been said that 50% of a home’s water usage is for watering the lawn. How much water do you use? Compare your June, July and August water bills to the December, January and February water bills. Do you use a lot of water outside? There are numerous ways to reduce outside water usage and still maintain your beautiful landscaping and lawn. Lawn and plants take water from the soil and as long as the soil has enough water for both, there is no reason for the excess watering. The soil will lose water due to plant use, evaporation from temperature and wind, and the water working its way deeper beyond the reach of plant roots. This is called Evapotransporation or ET. Watering more than the ET is wasting water.

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Dean Goodenough – Illinois Licensed Plumber, Illinois Cross Connection Control Device Inspector


In the beginning, back in 1987 a lawn sprinkler company was formed. That company has grown and transformed into a Backflow Certification company. We specialize in the certification and repair of backflow devices. We service all brands, models and sizes. Dean Goodenough is an Illinois Licensed Plumber, Illinois Certified Plumbing Inspector, and save as a Cross Connection Control Device Inspector. Dean spent over 20 years as an irrigation contractor and still designs, audits and troubleshoots irrigation systems. He can work with your irrigation contractor to reduce your water usage or make your system work more efficiently.


If after an audit our recommendations have been implemented and your water usage does not decrease, Goodenough Inc. will refund the cost of the audit.

Wasting Water?

Does your irrigation system waste water? An audit of your irrigation system can save you water and money. Call or email today for more information.


We provide service to contractors and homeowners. At Goodenough, Inc. we  take care of your irrigation audit, design, and troubleshooting needs.